Cardamine flexuosa

Family Brassicaceae
Scientific name Cardamine flexuosa Withering
Synonyms Barbarea arisanensis (Hayata) S. S. Ying; Cardamine arisanensis Hayata; Cardamine debilis D. Don, not Banks ex de Candolle;
Cardamine flexuosa subsp. debilis O. E. Schulz; Cardamine flexuosa subsp. debilis var. occulata (Hornemann) O. E. Schulz; Cardamine flexuosa var. debilis (O. E. Schulz) T. Y. Cheo & R. C. Fang; Cardamine flexuosa var. ovatifolia T. Y. Cheo & R. C. Fang; Cardamine hirsuta L. var. flaccida Franchet; Cardamine hirsuta L. subsp. flexuosa (Withering) J. D. Hooker; Cardamine hirsuta L. var. omeiensis T. Y. Cheo & R. C. Fang; Cardamine hirsuta L. var. sylvatica (Link) Syme; Cardamine konaensis St. John; Cardamine occulata Hornemann; Cardamine scutata Thunberg subsp. flexuosa (Withering) H. Hara; Cardamine sylvatica Link; Cardamine zollingeri Turczaninow; Nasturtium obliquum Zollinger
Common name (Japanese common name) tane-tsuke-bana (タネツケバナ, 種付花 [meaning: rice seeding season flowers])
(English common name) woodland bittercress
Distribution (Japan) Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa
(Other nations) worldwide
Habitat Rice paddy, roadside, wet field
Chromosomal number 2n=32
Description Plants electing 10-30cm tall. Leaves leaflets 1-6mm wide. Flowers white petals each 3-4mm long, flowering in March to May (sometimes in all seasons). Winter anual plants.
Reference Cardamine flexuosa With.
Cardamine flexuosa Withering
Herbicidal composition containing a derivative of 1,2,4-triazole as an active ingredient (US Patent 4795484/1989)
Pyrazole derivatives useful as a herbicidal component (US Patent 4230481/1980)
Herbicidal 2-(1,3,5-1H-triazin-2-one)-tetrahydrobenzothiazole derivatives, and compositions therefor (US Patent 4551168/1985)
Oxazoline compounds and herbicides containing the same (US Patent 4973351/1990)
Halogen-containing compounds, herbicidal composition containing the same as an active ingredient, and intermediary compounds therefor (US Patent 5262385/1993)
Substituted benzene compounds, process for their preparation, and herbicidal and defoliant compositions containing them (US Patent 6355799/2002)
Diaryl ethers and processes for their preparation and herbicidal and desiccant compositions containing them (US Patent 6479435/2002)
Benzohydrazide derivatives as herbicides and desiccant compositions containing them (US Patent 6770597/2004)
Polynucleotides and polypeptides that confer increased biomass and tolerance to cold, water deprivation and low nitrogen to plants (US Patent 7196245/2007)
Food, medicine and method relating to Bifidobacterium proliferation promoting action, allergy preventive action and human cholesterol lowering action (US Patent 20030165557)

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