Tricyrtis flava

Family Liliaceae
Subfamily Calochortoideae
Scientific name Tricyrtis flava Maximovicz
Synonyms Compsoa flava (Maximovicz) Kuntze; Tricyrtis kyusyuensis Masamune; Tricyrtis flava Maximovicz var. yatabeana Masamune; Tricyrtis yatabeana Masamune
Common name (Japanese common name) kibana-no-hototogisu (キバナノホトトギス, 黄花杜鵑 [meaning: yellow flower hototogisu (hototogisu = Tricyrtis hirta (Thunberg) Hooker]))
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Kyushu (Miyazaki Prefecture)
(Other nations) none
Habitat Mountane forest or wet rock wall
Chromosomal number 2n=26
Description Plants 20-50cm tall. Leaves 8-20cm long. Flowers yellow perianths each 30mm long, flowering in September to November. Perennial plants.
Reference Tricyrtis flava Maxim.
Tricyrtis flava Maxim.
The effect of geographic range and dichogamy on genetic variability and population genetic structure in Tricyrtis section Flavae (Liliaceae)
Note Endemic to Japan.

September 2009
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September 2009
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September 2009
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