Gastrodia pubilabiata

Family Orchidaceae
Subamily Epidendroideae
Tribe Gastrodieae
Subtribe Gastrodiinae
Scientific name Gastrodia pubilabiata Sawa
Synonyms none
Common name (Japanese common name) kuro-yatsushiro-ran (クロヤツシロラン, 黒八代蘭 [meaning: black Yatsushiro City orchid])
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Honshu (west of Kanto region), Kyush (Fukuoka Prefecture)
(Other nations) none
Habitat Mountane wet evergreen forest.
Chromosomal number unknown
Description Stems 3-10cm tall (20-30cm tall after flowering). Leaves none. flowers dark brown, Flowers inflorescences 3-10cm long, lip 3.2-4.4mm long (hairy inside), flowering in September to October. Fruits 3-4cm long. Terrestrial. Mycorrhizae plants.
Reference Gastrodia pubilabiata Sawa
Rediscovery of Gastrodia shimizuana Tuyama (Orchidaceae) on Iriomote Island, Japan
Note Rare species.

photo by Mr. hana-pon
October 2008
at forest in Nara Prefecture

photo by Mr. hana-pon
October 2008
at forest in Ohsaka Prefecture