Habenaria pantlingiana

Family Orchidaceae
Subfamily Orchidoideae
Tribe Orchideae
Subtribe Orchidinae
Scientific name Habenaria pantlingiana Kränzlin
Synonyms Habenaria cirrhifera Ohwi; Habenaria longitentaculata Hayata; Habenaria polytricha (J.D. Hooker) Pradhan, non Rolfe; Habenaria polytrichoides Aver. Habenaria seshagiriana A.N. Rao; Habenaria stenopetala Lindley var. polytricha J. D. Hooker
Common name (Japanese common name) namera sagi-so (ナメラサギソウ, 滑ら鷺草 [meaning: non-hair heron grass]), ryukyu sagi-so (リュウキュウサギソウ, 琉球鷺草 [meaning: Okinawa heron grass])
(Chinese common name) si ban yu feng hua (絲瓣玉鳳花)
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Kyushu (south of Amami-Ohshima Island), Okinawa
(Other nations) China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Nepal, India
Habitat Broad-leaved forest
Chromosomal number 2n=42, 42+2B
Description Plants 30-60cm tall. Leaves 8-15cm long, 1.5-4cm wide. Flowers white, sepals ca. 1cm long, spurs ca. 3cm long, flowering in August to October. Trrestrial. Perennial plants.
Reference Habenaria pantlingiana Kraenzlin
Habenaria pantlingiana Kraenzl.
Habenaria pantlingiana Kraenzl.1900
Habenaria pantlingiana Kraenzl.
Habenaria polytricha Rolfe
Habenaria polytricha
Note Rare species.
Sometimes in Japan, Habenaria pantlingiana has been mis-identified as Habenaria polytricha Rolfe, non (J.D. Hooker) Pradhan (Japanese common name: itohiki sagi-so (イトヒキサギソウ, 糸引鷺草))
Photos below are those of an orchid which was displayed at the monthly meeting of Tokyo Wild Plants Society (Orchid and Lily Group) in Shintomi Kumin-kan.

November 2011
at Shintomi Kumin-kan
November 2011
at Shintomi Kumin-kan
November 2011
at Shintomi Kumin-kan