Kuhlhasseltia yakushimensis

Family Orchidaceae
Subfamily Orchidoideae
Tribe Cranichideae
Subtribe Goodyerinae
Scientific name Kuhlhasseltia yakushimensis (Yamamoto) Ormerod
Synonyms Anoectochilus yakushimensis Yamamoto; Cystopus humilis Fukuyama; Kuhlhasseltia integra (Fukuyama) T. C. Hsu & S. W. Chung; Pristiglottis humilis (Fukuyama) Fukuyama; Pristiglottis integra Fukuyama; Pristiglottis yakushimensis (Yamamoto) Masamune; Vexillabium humilis (Fukuyama) S. S. Ying; Vexillabium integrum (Fukuyama) S. S. Ying; Vexillabium yakushimense (Yamamoto) F. Maekawa
Common name (Japanese common name) yakushima-hime-aridoshi-ran (ヤクシマヒメアリドオシラン, 屋久島姫蟻通蘭 [meaning: Yakushima Island tiny aridoshi-ran (aridoshi-ran = Myrmechis japonica)])
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Honshu (Nagano Prefecture), Shikoku (Ehime Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture), Kyushu (Kagoshima Prefecture, Yakushima Island), Okinawa
(Other nations) China, Taiwan, Philippines
Habitat Mountane evergreen wet forest, streamside.
Chromosomal number 2n=26
Description Plants electing 4-10cm tall (including inflorescences). Leaves 2-5, 0.7-2cm long, 0.5-1cm wide. Flowers white (or pale pink) lips 7-8mm long, flowerting in June to August. Terrestrial or Lithophyte on wet rocks. Perennial plants.
Reference Kuhlhasseltia yakushimensis (Yamam.) Ormerod 2003
Kuhlhasseltia yakushimensis (Yamam.) Ormerod
Kuhlhasseltia yakushimensis (Yamam.) Ormerod
Vexillabium yakushimense (Yamam.) Maekawa
Note Rare species.
Photos below at Mr. Mitsuhashi's green house are those of an orchd which was cultivated by Mr. Shunji Mitsuhashi in his green house.

September 2009
at Mr. Mitsuhashi's green hause
September 2009
at Mr. Mitsuhashi's green hause