Lecanorchis kiusiana

Family Orchidaceae
Subfamily Vanilloideae
Tribe Vanilleae
Scientific name Lecanorchis kiusiana Tuyama
Synonyms none
Common name (Japanese common name) usugi-muyo-ran (ウスギムヨウラン, 薄黄無葉蘭 [meaning: pale yellow non-leave orchid])
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Honshu (west of Shizuoka Prefecture), Shikoku, Kyushu
(Other nations) none
Habitat Mountane wet evergreen broadleaf forest
Chromosomal number unknown
Description Plants 10-25cm tall. Leaves none. Flowers yellow brown (dried flower is black), sepals ca. 1 cm long, while (often with red hair) lip, half open, flowerting in May to July. Terrestrial. Mycorrhizae plants.
Reference Lecanorchis kiusiana Tuyama
The Genus Lecanorchis (Orchidaceae) in Aichi Prefecture, Central Honshu
A Taxonomic Review of the Japanese Lecanorchis (Orchidaceae)
Note Endemic to Japan. Rare species.

Photo by Mr. hana-pon Photo by Mr. hana-pon
May 2009
at forest in Mie Prefecture
May 2009
at forest in Mie Prefecture