Peristylus formosanus

Family Orchidaceae
Subfamily Orchidoideae
Tribe Orchideae
Subtribe Orchidinae
Scientific name Peristylus formosanus (Schlechter) T. P. Lin
Synonyms Coeloglossum formosanum Makino & Hayata ex Hayata; Habenaria brevicalcarata Fukuyama; Habenaria formosana Schlechter; Habenaria formosanus Matsumura & Hayata ex Schlechter; Habenaria lacertifera auct., non (Lindley) Bentham; Habenaria tentaculata auct., non (Lindley) Reichenbach f.; Habenaria tentaculata (Lindley) Reichenbach f. var. acutifolia Hayata; Peristylus formosana (Schlechter) T. P. Lin; Peristylus flagellifer (Makino) Ohwi var. acutifolius (Hayata) Hatusima; Peristylus lacertiferus auct., non (Lindley) J. J. Smith; Peristylus lacertiferus (Lindley) J. J. Smith var. formosana (Makino & Hayata) S. S. Ying
Common name (Japanese common name) takasago-sagi-sou (タカサゴサギソウ, 高砂鷺草 [meaning: Taiwan heron weed])
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Okinawa
(Other nations) Taiwan
Habitat Swamp
Chromosomal number unknown
Description Plants electing 30-50cm tall. Leaves 7-20cm long, 1.5-4cm wide. Flowers pale yellow ca. 3mm across, lip ca. 2mm long, flowerting in October to November. Terrestrial. Perennial plants.
Reference Peristylus formosanus (Schltr.) T. P. Lin
Note Photos below are those of an orchid which was cultivated by Mr. Yuichi Toda and displayed at the monthly meeting of Tokyo Wild Plants Society (Orchid and Lily Group) in Shintomi Kumin kaikan.

November 2009
at Shintomi Kumin kaikan
November 2009
at Shintomi Kumin kaikan

November 2009
at Shintomi Kumin kaikan