Pupil A :I hate a leek!

Pupil B :I hate a carrot!

Pupil C :I hate a green pepper!

Teacher :Don't have unbalanced meals!

My pupils must learn how farming is difficult in this museum!

Announcer :In photosynthesis mainly 2 rays,red and blue, are usefull for plants..

To make the most of solar energy all of irradiated sunbeam are spended by solar cells in the farm.

Using partial energy red and blue LEDs supply the plants with their acceptable rays.

Announcer :So plants continue to photosynthesize all day long in this FUTURE FARM ...

Teacher :The contents of this booth tastes bad for us. Go next!

Pupils : Plants and you have unbalanced meals too!

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No.508 12/06/04 農地は偏食する