Oubayashi :Taro, You should get along well together with us sometimes!

Taro :I'm engaged in some experiment as a parttimer.So, I have no time to engage with you...

Oubayashi :Sometimes you may eat out or go shopping.

Taro :All necessaries of life are deliverd to me by my employer.

Oubayashi :Taro must stay put in the front of the PC all day long!

Kobayashi :All people may hope such easy life,I think!

Hayashi :I wouldn't do such a thing!

Political scientist :In this experiment a contractual private enterprise put these mock convicts

to IT work as penal servitude at their own homes.At the same time they are under observation

with the PCs.That work is limited.But it's economical rather than building of new public prison.

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