Entering an chord

If CHORD is select in the type field, it will become an mode of chords.

If a pad is pressed, the chord currently assigned to the pad will be pronounced.
If LED of [OVER DUB] is turned on and a pad is pressed, step recording of a chord can be performed.

1 Root Key The root key of the chord set.
2 Chord The name of the chord set.
3 Repeat While pressing the pad, it repeats at the following intervals.
Arp.= An interval repeats continuously.
1/16 = It repeats to 1/16 timing.
1/8 = It repeats to 1/8 timing.
1/4 = It repeats to 1/4 timing.
2/4 = It repeats to 2/4 timing.
3/4 = It repeats to 3/4 timing.
4/4 = It repeats to 4/4 timing.
4 Assign List The chord currently assigned to the pads is displayed.
5 Arpeggio Please set up the timing to pronounce.
When a value is 0, it pronounces simultaneously.
When a value is 1, it is delay for 1 tick and pronounces.
It is delay for a maximum of 96 ticks, and pronounces.
6 Duration Please set duration.

1 The root key of the chord selected
2 The name of the chord selected

Please move cursor to a root key field and set the root key of a chord.

Please move cursor to a chord field and set the chord.

A setup changed when the [MAIN] button was pressed or it went to other modes is saved automatically to the flash memory of MPC.
If the [WINDOW] button is pressed, the window of "Chord List" will open.

When cursor is in a root key field, a root key can also be set by a MIDI keyboard.

When cursor is in the chord field, a chord can also be set to a pad by a MIDI keyboard.
Please play the chord which you want to set by a MIDI keyboard.
When the chord which does not exist in a chord list is played, a Chord+ pad number is displayed as a name of a chord.

The settings saved in the flash memory are erased when you change the OS.
Moreover, it will be erased even if it turns on MPC, holding the ERASE button.
If you want to save the changed or set contents as a file, save the code file in save mode.
(Ver.2.xx only)

Moreover, it does not work except the main, a grid, and a record mode.