If this parameter is turned ON, even if voices will become less , the sound of this pad will not be interrupted.

VELO (The curve of volume against velocity is determined.)

When this value is low, by a velocity, volume is wide range changes.
When this value is high, by a velocity, volume is narrow range changes.
When this value is 100, it always becomes the same as a velocity 127.

A---(Attack) Time until it reaches the maximum volume of the sound from NOTE ON is set.

H---(Hold) Hold time in a peak state of sound (1=10msec) Ver.2.xx(1-100 1=10msec 101-200 1=1bar)

D---(Decay) Time until it shifts to a Sustain level from the maximum volume which reached with the Attack is set.

S---(Sustain) After Decay finishes, the volume pronounced as long as sound is sounding is set.

R---(Release) Time until sound finishes sounding from NOTE OFF is set.

As shown in the following figure, when a sample is ONE SHOT, "Release" works.