It will become the mode of arpeggiator if ARPGITR is chosen in the type field.
The pressed pad or keyboard is repeatedly performed, while being held.

Please select a pattern by the main arpeggiator.
Selection of a pattern cannot be performed in a grid.

If LED of [OVER DUB] is turned on, the event of arpeggiator can be performed by step recording.

DURTION The length of the sound to the note set up in the Step field is set.
STEP The timing to pronounce is set.
1/4 = 1/4note
1/4-3 = 1/4 note triplets
1/8 = 1/8note
1/8-3 = 1/8 note triplets
1/16 = 1/16 note
1/16-3 = 1/16 note triplets
1/32 = 1/32 note
1/32-3 = 1/32 note triplets

Arpeggiator works only at an active track.
Even if a multi timbre is ON, it works only at an active track.