Adjustment of Pads Sensitivity

If F2(PAD) button is pressed on the screen of [MODE]+PAD10 (OTHER), it will become the mode which adjusts the sensitivity of a pads. (OS3 is F4 (PAD))

Please adjust the velocity sensitivity of each pad so that the value of the same velocity is displayed, when it hits by the same strength.

1 Adjustment of Pad On Level. (Threshold level)
If it is set as a low value, it will be set to PAD ON by weak power, but there is also a possibility that it may be set to PAD ON by vibration etc.
Or PAD may remain set to ON.
2 Pad On Level gauge
3 Pressure sensitivity
4 Velocity sensitivity
5 The value of the velocity of the hit pad.(Maximum 127)
6 The pressure level of the pressed pad

If F4 (ALL) button is pressed, the sensitivity of all the pads can be adjusted at once.