Loading of a folder or a file

Please select a device in the "Load" field.

Please move cursor to a folder or a file to read, and press the F6(DO IT) key.

Sample to load is assigned to a pad.

If the [WINDOW] key is pressed on the screen of LOAD, a "Option" window will open.
When setting to "ON" and loading of a sample is performed, a "Assign to Pad" window will open.

Please move cursor to the pad number which wants to assign the sample to load, and press the F5(YES) key.
When the F4 (NO) key is pressed, it does not assign a pad.
And a window is closed.

Audition of a sample

When the sample is chosen in the file field, the audition of the sample chosen if F5[PLAY] key or arbitrary pads are
pressing can be performed.
Moreover, even if it chooses a sample by a DATA wheel or cursor key, pressing a arbitrary pad, audition is Possible.

An audition by the following method can be performed in OS1 and OS2.

when the [PLAY] or [PLAY START] key is pressed, the sample is played back to end.


If cursor is in the "Load" field on the screen of loading and F5 (A. LOAD) key will be pressed, the window of "Auto Load" will open.

Please select a device.
Next, please choose the folder which moves cursor to the right and carries out an auto load.

Arbitrary folders can be chosen.



When cursor is in the device field, if the WINDOW key is pressed, the window of "Property" will open.

Press the F2(FORMAT) key.


Press the [WINDOW] key, the "Option" window will open.

Press the F2(FORMAT) key.