This manual is written only about the function added by JJ OS.
Please refer to the manual of AKAI for the basic function of MPC.

When you change OS, please switch on a power supply, pressing the ERASE button first.
Please press the ERASE button until a main screen is displayed.
If this operation is not performed, MPC may freeze or it may crash.

When the reaction of a DATA wheel is slow or cannot change the value of one step, please change the set of the "Data Wheel Type" field of OTHER.
Usually, MPC in which Ver2.12 or less AKAI OS was installed selects 1.
MPC in which Ver2.13 was installed selects 2.
If OS is changed, this set will return to default setting"2".

Refer to video of user offer.

Those who exchanged the pad for a new pad or are using MPC1000 BK-N need to adjust pad sensitivity first.

A tracks cannot be changed during recording.

If OS2 is installed, please adjust the contrast of LCD first.

The contrast of LCD should turn a DATA wheel, pressing the [STOP] key.

If a DATA wheel is turned pressing [SHIFT] or the [TAP TEMPO] key,
change of a value will increase 10 times.

If OS is switched, the sensitivity set of a pad will be returned to a default.

Please press the [MAIN] key before turning off the power.
Various data is memorized by the internal Flash memory by pressing a [MAIN] key.

NOTE REPEAT does not work to MIDI keyboard.

"Track velocity %" is not in OS2.

Adjustment of Pad Sensitivity

Main Screen




Audio Track

Grid Edit (Drum)

Grid Edit (Midi)

Grid Edit (Audio)

Extra Audio Play (Real-time time stretch and a real-time pitch shift)


Global Program Edit

Song is converted to WAVE (Mix Down)

Master Tempo

Sample Layer Crossfade

Copy Pad



Real Time Pitch Shift

Simult Pad

Non-Destructive Chop


Track Mute

Track Mixer


Midi Program Change


Save / Load / Auto Load / Format

Sample List

Tap Tempo

Behavior selection of Play Start (LOOP)

Behavior selection of the Next sequence

Name Edit

Customizable Click/Metronome Sounds

Splash Screens

Memorized Setup

Pong Game