Arbitrary locations are memorizable to PAD. (PAD7-PAD16)
Please move a marker to the location to memorize, and press [SHIFT] + PAD.
If [SHIFT]+PAD is pressed during playback, the marker location at that time will be memorized by the pad.
If [SHIFT]+PAD7 is pressed in the state of the above figure, the present marker location will be memorized by PAD7.

If PAD7 is hit during playback, a marker will move to the location memorized by the pad and playback will be continued from the location.
If PAD7 is hit by the state where it has stopped, playback will be started from the location memorized by PAD7.
A memorizable pad is to PAD7-PAD16.

Since it does not work during recording, performance using PAD LOCATE cannot be recorded.
Moreover, as shown in the following figure, the function is assigned to PAD1-PAD6. (Does not work during recording)

Recording a sample

If cursor is moved to the track type field and the [WINDOW] button is pressed, the window of "Record setups" will open.
Please set if needed.

When the [REC]+[PLAY START] button is pressed, recording is started from 001.01.00.

A press on the [STOP] button will stop recording.

The state which has a marker in a bar 4

When the [REC]+[PLAY] button is pressed in the state of the above figure, recording is started from the bar
of a current position and the bar of a current position is automatically inputted into the BAR field.

Sample"Take02" recorded when recording was stopped is assigned to a bar 4.

When the loop of a sequence is ON, recording is automatically stopped at the end of a loop.
When the loop of a sequence is OFF, the recording will continue until you press the [STOP] button.
And the number of the bar when you actually pressed the [STOP] button will be set as the new length for the sequence.

[OVER DUB] button does not work.
Moreover, it cannot go to other mode during recording.
Change of a track cannot be performed, either.