If CHORD is select in the type field, it will become an mode of chords.
If a pad is pressed, the chord currently assigned to the pad will be pronounced.

Dur.(Duration): Please set up duration
Arp.(Arpeggio): Please set up the timing to pronounce.
When a value is 0, it pronounces simultaneously.
When a value is 1, it is delay for 1 tick and pronounces.
It is delay for a maximum of 96 ticks, and pronounces.
Repeat: While pressing the pad, it repeats at the following intervals.
CHAIN = An interval repeats continuously.
1/16 = It repeats to 1/16 timing.
1/8 = It repeats to 1/8 timing.
1/4 = It repeats to 1/4 timing.
2/4 = It repeats to 2/4 timing.
3/4 = It repeats to 3/4 timing.
4/4 = It repeats to 4/4 timing.

If the [WINDOW] button is pressed, the window of "Pad to Chord" will open.

Please choose a root key in the "ROOT KEY" field.

Please choose a chord number in the "CHORD" field.
Change of a setup will display an asterisk on F2 (SAVE).
A setup changed when F2 (SAVE) button was pressed is saved to the flash memory of MPC, and an asterisk disappears.

If a pad A01 is hit by the set of the above figure during recording, the chord set to the chord number 01 by using C3 as a root key will be recorded as events.

If F5 (CHORD) button is pressed, the window of "Chord List" will open.

A new chord can be created by setting up the field of 2-6.
Moreover, the audition of a chord can be performed if arbitrary pads are hit.

A rest will be set to the position of cursor if F4 (----) button is pressed.

If F2 (DEFAULT) button is pressed, it will return to a default setup altogether.

The contents of a setting of a "Pad to Chord" window and a "Chord List" window are saved to the flash memory of MPC, if a window is closed.

An aftertouch is outputted as a channel pressure.
It does not work in midi note.
Moreover, it does not work except the main, a grid, and a record mode.