ADSR Depth : +/- 120 = +/ - 1200 cent (1 octave) TUNE changes.
Aftertouch : +/- 120 = TUNE of +/- 1200 cent changes with the pressures of a pad.
The value of Aftertouch is added to the value of ADSR Depth.

A---(Attack) Time until reaching the value of NOTO ON to ADSR Depth is set.

D---(Decay) Time until it reaches a value set by "Sustain" from the value of ADSR Depth which reached by "Attack" is set.

S---(Sustain) The end point of Decay is set.

R---(Release) Time until it reaches a value (ADSR Depth: 0) of a start from NOTE OFF is set. (Release cannot be set when PLAY MODE is ONE SHOT)

Portamento (When moving from a certain sound to another sound, it moves changing sound smoothly.)

Portamento OFF The effect of Portamento is not applied.
SPEED The pitch will change at a fixed speed.
TIME The pitch change will occur over a fixed time.
Port.Rate Specifies the speed at which the pitch will change.