If CHORD is select in the type field, it will become an enter mode of a chord.
If the pad is hit, the chord assigned to the pad will be entered.

If the [WINDOW] button is pressed when cursor is in the type field, the window of "Pad to Chord" will open.

Please press the [WINDOW] button, for closing a window.

Please choose a key in the "ROOT KEY" field.

Please choose a chord number in the "CHORD" field.
Change of a setup will display an asterisk on F2 (SAVE).
A setup changed when F2 (SAVE) button was pressed is saved to the flash memory of MPC, and an asterisk disappears.

If [OVER DUB] is turned ON by the set of the above figure and a pad A01 is hit, the chord set to the chord number 01 by the key of the root C3 will be entered.

If F5(CHORD) button is pressed, the window of "Chord List" will open.

A new chord can be created by setting the field of 2-6.
Moreover, the audition of a chord can be performed if arbitrary pads are pressed.

A press on F4 (----) key will set a rest to the cursor.

If F2 (DEFAULT) button is pressed, it will return to a default setup altogether.

The contents of a setting of a "Pad to Chord" window and a "Chord List" window are saved to the flash memory of MPC, if a window is closed.

Note: An aftertouch is outputted as a channel pressure.