If F1 (CONTROL) key is pressed, pressing the [SHIFT] button, it will become the edit mode of PITCH BEND, CONTROL CHANGE, CHANNEL PRESS, and POLY PRESS.

Please press the cursor button, move cursor to the upside parameter field and select a parameter to edit record.

Please turn on LED of [OVER DUB] and move a marker to a location to record an event into.

Please record an event by Q1 and Q2 slider.

When you edit the recorded event, please move onto an event to edit a marker into and edit a value by a slider.
It is also possible to record an event, pressing the [PLAY] button and playing back a sequence.
Even if it records by [REC] + [PLAY], only the parameter event of the track number displayed now is erased,
and other parameter events are not erased.
In the case of the above figure, the event of new PITCH BEND is recorded, erasing only the event of PITCH BEND of a truck 1.

If AUTO is used, two or more events can be entered at the same time.

Please turn a DATA wheel, pressing F5 (AUTO) button and select the region which enters an event.

A default value will be inputted if F5 (AUTO) button is released.

Please set the value of a start with Q1 slider.
Please set up the value of an end with Q2 slider.

The event from the value of a start to the value of an end is entered.
The clock interval of an event can be changed by F2-F4 key, F2(1/8) = 48clocks, F3(1/16) = 24clocks, F4(1/32) = 12clocks.
Arbitrary clocks (1-48) can be set by a DATA wheel.
An event will be recorded if F6 (ENTER) button is pressed.


Copying an event

Please select the region to copy by a DATA wheel, pressing F2 (COPY) button.

All the events to which the color became reverse are copied.
When F2 (COPY) button is released, it is the completion of a copy.

Pasting an event

Please move a marker to the location which you want to paste, and press F3 (PASTE) button.

Deleting an event

If a DATA wheel is turned pressing F4 (DELETE) button, the event which the marker passed will be deleted.