Input Thru

The MPC1000 can mix the incoming signal from RECORD IN or DIGITAL IN with the play back sound from the MPC1000.
You can also route the Input Thru signal to the internal Effects and Filters.

If INPUT THRU is turned ON, two voices will be used for processing. (It is one voice when L or R is select by MODE.)

Please press F6(InTHRU) button, pressing the [SHIFT] button on a main screen.

Please press F5 (INPUT) button on the screen of MIXER.

The value of a parameter can be set with a DATA wheel or Q1 slider.
Note: When cursor is in the TYPE column, the value of FREQ will be changed if Q1 slider is operated.

Level mete The level of an incoming signal is displayed.
Please perform adjustment of level by the [REC GAIN] knob. (It cannot adjust, when Sourec is DIGITAL)
Sourec You can select the input signal, ANALOG or DIGITAL.
MODE You can select the input signal, ST (Stereo), L (L channel) or R (Right channel).
Please choose LR to use L and R by a separate set.
TYPE The type of the filter to be used is select.
LPF(LOW PASS): This filter cuts out the high frequencies and passes the low frequencies.
BPF(BAND PASS): The filter passes the specific frequencies and cuts out the other frequencies.
HPF(HIGH PASS): This filter cuts out the low frequencies and passes the high frequencies.
EQL(Equalizer Low): Low sound is boost and cut.
EQH(Equalizer High): High sound is boost and cut.
LNK(Filter2): The always same setting as a filter 1 is applied.
FREQ Please set the cut off frequency. (0-100) When TYPE are EQL and EQH(-100 to +100)
RESO If you set the resonance value at a larger value, the frequencies set in the FREQ column will be boosted more. (0-100)
LEVEL Please set the level of a signal. (0-100)
PAN This will allow you to set the pan position. (L50 - MID - R50)
Note: When STEREO is chosen in the MODE column, it cannot set.
OUT Applying effects to an You can select the outputs of the input thru signal. (ST, 12, 34, 1, 2, 3, 4, L, R)
FX You can select the effect of the input thru signal. (OFF, FX1, FX2)
Note: Selection is possible only when ST is select in the OUT column.
SEND You can set the effect send level of the Input thru signal. (0-100)
It can set, only when REVERB or DELAY is select with the effect.

If the [REC] button is pressed, the sound of MAIN OUT will be recorded.
If [STOP] or the [REC] button is pressed once again, recording will stop. (Even if it changes a screen, recording stops.)
If recording is stopped, the recorded contents will be kept to the memory of MPC by the file name of "Sample**".