Truck Mixer

[MODE]+PAD4(Track Mixer mode)

Notes: The sequence memorizes the setups (value of parameters) of the track mixer.

Please move cursor to the field to set a value to, and turn and set a DATA wheel.
Q1 slider can adjust the value of pan. (MPC2500 is Q3 knob)
Q2 slider can adjust the value of level. (MPC2500 is Q1 slider)
In addition, the value of pan of the pad in the same track and pan of a track is mixed.
For example, the value of pan of a pad is set to L50.
When the value of pan of a track is set to R50, the value of pan of a pad is set to MID.
Note: When Level is operated with a slider, It cannot be operated if the position of a slider does not exceed the present set point.

OUT field
Please turn DATA wheel and set the output destination.
ST is outputted to STEREO OUT.
FX1: The effect selected by FX1 is applied to STEREO OUT.
FX2: The effect selected by FX2 is applied to STEREO OUT.
1-4 is outputted to ASSIGNABLE MIX OUT. (in the case of MPC1000)
1-8 is outputted to ASSIGNABLE MIX OUT. (in the case of MPC2500)
L is outputted to L of STEREO OUT and R is outputted to R of STEREO OUT. (Selection only in MPC1000)
Note: As for the pad with which OUT of the pad is not set as TrkMixr, OUT of a pad will be referred to. (Refer to "OUT FX")

SND field
Please set the amount that an effect is applied to. (It can set, only when REVERB or DELAY is select with the effect.)

If a pad is struck holding the [SHIFT] button, two or more tracks can be chosen. (PAD1-PAD16 correspond to Track1-Track16.)
Moreover, 16 tracks can be chosen if a [SHIFT]+[PAD BANK] button is pressed.


If the MIDI In CC Level/Pan field is turned ON, a MIDI controller can adjust LEVEL, PAN and SEND.
A track is controllable only to track1-16

Moreover, when this is ON, the level of a MIDI sequence and the value of a pan are also reflected.
A channel and the control change number are as follows.
Note: Change of a channel or a control change number cannot be performed.

Track 1 1 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 2 2 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 3 3 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 4 4 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 5 5 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 6 6 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 7 7 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 8 8 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 9 9 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 10 10 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 11 11 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 12 12 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 13 13 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 14 14 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 15 15 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91
Track 16 16 CC#7 CC#10 CC#91

Note: Priority is given to the mixer of pad when the same CC as the mixer of pad is set.