Behavior selection of the Next sequence

If cursor is moved to the sequence field and the [WINDOW] button is pressed, the window of "Sequence List" will open.

Please select behavior of Next Sequence after moving cursor to the "Next" field.
When "END OF SEQUENCE" is selected, Next sequence is played back after playing back a sequence to END.

When "IMMEDIATELY START" is selected,
If it changes to Next sequence, it will start playing back from the beginning of the sequence changed immediately.

When "IMMEDIATELY PLAY" is selected,
Shortly after changing to Next sequence, playback of Next sequence is begun from the present position.

Selection of behavior can be performed during playback of a sequence.
Moreover, it can select on the screen of NEXT SEQ and TRACK MUTE.



If the [WINDOW] button is pressed, the window of "Track Mute" will open.