PATTERN BANK(Pattern list)

If F3 (BANK) button is pressed after pressing the [MODE] button, the window of "PATTERN BANK" will open.
Or if F2 or F3 (BANK) button is pressed in the mode or the window related to a pattern, the window of "PATTERN BANK" will open.

The list of patterns registered is displayed.
The audition of the pattern chosen if arbitrary pads are hit can be performed.

If the event of bars is registered as a pattern, events other than note will also be registered together. (A tempo change is not registered.)
Therefore, recording of the pattern with which events other than note are contained will also record events other than note together.

When events other than a note are contained in the pattern, the event contained in the OTHER field is displayed. (Refer to above figure)
The last event is displayed when there are two or more events of the same kind.

The pad (note) used for the pattern is displayed on the NOTE field.
When four or more pads (note) are used, if cursor is moved to the NOTE field and a DATA wheel is turned, the NOTE field will scroll.

The selected pattern or all the patterns are deleted.

Please select the pattern which you want to delete and push F2 (DELETE) button.

The selected pattern will be deleted if F5 (DO IT) button is pressed.
When you want to delete all the patterns, please press F3 (ALL) button.

Save of Patterns

Since the registered pattern will be lost if the power is turned off, please save to CF card or HDD.

Please select PATTERN BANK in the Save field and push F6 (DO IT) button.

If F5 (DO IT) button is pressed, it will be saved by the file name currently displayed.

Extension "PAT" is a file of PATTERN BANK.

Loading of a pattern file

If loading of a pattern file is performed, the window of "Load a PATTERN BANK" will open.
When the Mode field is REPLACE, it will be replaced with present BATTERN BANK if F5 (DO IT) button is pressed.

If ADD is select in the Mode field and F5 (DO IT) button is pressed, patterns will be added to present BATTERN BANK.