Real Time Pitch Shift

A pitch shift can be performed on real time. (+/ - 1 octave )

Please press F5 (P. SHIFT) button, pressing the [SHIFT] button on a main screen.

A pitch shift is possible on real time to the signal from a RECORD IN terminal and a DIGITAL IN terminal. (+ /- 1 octave )
If a [REC] button is pressed, the sound by which the pitch shift was carried out can be recorded.
[STOP] or if the [REC] button is pressed once again, recording stops.
When recording is stopped, the contents of recording are kept in the memory of MPC by the file name of "Sample01" (default name).

It can carry out 0 to +1 octave variable by Q1 slider. (+1 to +12 1= half tone )
It can carry out 0 to -1 octave variable by Q2 slider. (-1 to -12 1= half tone )

If the [WINDOW] button is pressed, a "Record name" window will open.
When needed, the sample name which it has automatically can be changed.

It is only for a voice and is not suitable for musical instrument sound.
An output is slightly overdue.
It can be used only on this screen. It does not work on other screens.
It cannot use playing a sequence, since the burden of CPU is heavy.