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Patent technology

The above picture shows 2450 MHz microwave heating ceramics which generates a temperature of about 1400 degrees Centigrade by being irradiated with an electromagnetic wave (microwave) of 2450 MHz of output 500W.
Microwave heating ceramics invented by us absorbs microwaves generated by a microwave generator of input l00V,9.3A and output 500W and generates a high temperature in the range of about 30 degrees Centigrade to 2000 degrees Centigrade.
The above microvave heating ceramics are made of special powders (C,SiC,Al,etc.) and can be molded in various shapes.
Our microwave heating ceramics can generate a temperature of about 1900 degrees Centigrade in three minutes by being irradiated with microwaves of 2450 MHz.
This microwave heating ceramics can control the generating temperature by changing the percentage of each materials. For example, it can generate the temperature of 300 degrees Centigrade at the highest and does not generate the temperature over 300 degrees Centigrade.
We can also make the microwave heating ceramics with the highest temperature of upto 2000 degrees Centigrade.
The reason why we use a microwave generator of input 100V,9.3A and output 500W is that we are making tests or experiments on the generation of the highest possible temperature with the lowest possible output of electricity.
We believe that we can get much better result,namely higher temperature than 2000 degrees Centigrade or more energy if we use a microwave generator of higher output (than 500W).
Our Microwave Heating Ceramics generate high temperature but produce no harm materials such as NOx,SOx,Dioxin,CO,Soot, ete. nor environmental pollution gas.
Environmental pollution gas can be dissolved with our microwave heating ceramics.
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