This Web page shows applications for Mac OS X developed by myself. All of them are free software. See the copyright document included in each package.

Mac OS X

Last update: 2017. 06. 26


The Latest Version: 5.5.1 (June 2017)

OS Versions: macOS Sierra (10.12) or Later.

Download: Available from App Store. (Free)

An image viewer. ToyViewer can display and save images in various formats. You can also apply various operations to images, such as clipping, flipping, rotation, enlarge, shrink, etc. ToyViewer provides many effects such as color tuning, enhancement, blur, mosaic, contour extraction, etc. The function to see images in a folder one after another in full screen is excellent, and it would useful as a comic viewer.

Many new features are added into ToyViewer 5.00. For example, ToyViewer can display SVG images, can show animation of TIFF stacks, can list the information of Exif, and so on.  In version 5.10 or later, you can show images in ZIP archives.

ToyViewer 5.2.4 becomes more secure with SandBox.  In version 5.4.0, in addition to ZIP, you can display the images contained in the RAR archive.

ToyViewer 5.5.1 provides operation using the tab bar.


The Latest Version: 2.4.0 (Feb. 2014)

OS Versions: 10.8 or Later.

Download: Available from App Store. (Free)

A touch typing tutor.

It provides various kinds of lessons. The original lessons are from "typist" by D. J. Penney, 1991.

Typist 2.4.0 can record the progress of exercises in iCloud. If you can’t use AppStore, you can download the version without the function of iCloud here.  If you have a previous version of Typist, delete it and then install the package.

Binary Files for Old Mac

5.1.1 (Oct. 2010)

5.0.4 (Nov. 2009)

Privacy Policy

ToyViewer does not have the function of sending information to the net. There is no fear of leakage of personal information.

5.4.0 (Mar. 2013)