ToyViewer 5.00 for Mac OS X

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(Last update: 2009.09.20)

ToyViewer is for Mac OS X. No version for Windows exists.
Why is the title of this page "...for Mac OS X" ?
Because I have other versions for NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP (Not for Windows).

Latest Version: Ver. 5.00 (Sept. 2009)

Overview, What' New, and Manual

This document is included in ToyViewer. You can see it by clicking "Help" of the menu.


ToyViewer Version 5.00

Caution: Download and use the correct binary for your OS.
The binary for Snow Leopard doesn't work on the previous ones.

Download Older Versions


At first, if you have installed previous version of ToyViewer, remove it. (Move it to trash, and make trash empty.)

ToyViewer 5.00 is packed in a compressed .dmg file. Download the file ( and double click it. Then, you could get .dmg file and its disk image would be mounted.
Drag & copy the icon of ToyViewer into your Applications folder.

Logout, and login again, now, you can use ToyViewer.

In case of Snow Leopard (10.6), in order to use the feature of "Services" among applications, you should look up the setting of services in "Keyboard Shortcuts" of System Preferences. See the process in the help of ToyViewer.



To uninstall ToyViewer, simply drag & drop ToyViewer into the trash, and then empty it.

As other Mac applications, ToyViewer makes automatically a preference file and a working folder. Because they are not used any more after uninstallation, you can remove them. The file names are:

It may be that the latter does not exist.

Download Older Versions

ToyViewer Version 4.92

ToyViewer Version 4.82