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Last update: 2009. 09. 18


Software for Mac OS X

This Web page shows applications for Mac OS X developed by myself. All of them are free software. See the copyright document included in each package.

What's New


These books are writen in Japanese. Only Japanese version is available, sorry.

"Objective-C 2.0 Definitive Guide",
Softbank Creative, 2008.
Korean version of
"Objective-C 2.0 Definitive Guide" (2009)

"Objective-C Mac OS X Programming",
Softbank Creative, 2006.

"Mac OS X Programming: Objective-C",
Kobunsha, 2001.

Not Available Now

CLI Applications

Tools or Applications with CLI (command line interface) are provided, which are executable on various OS, such as Unix, Linux, Windows, and MS-DOS. Source codes of them are available. You should compile by yourself if executable files aren't present.

Typist on Terminal

A touch typing tutor with reliable courses of typing lessons. It is a Japanese version of famous and traditional "typist". Executable file is only for Japanese on Windows XP. The latest version is 3.0.

p88 Assembler & Simulator

P88 is a very simple assembly language for education. Only 1 or 2 hours are needed to learn. Executable file for Windows XP is available. The latest version is 1.02.


Applications for NEXTSTEP family are here (Apps for Mac OS X Server 1.2 are also here). See the copyright document included in each package.

Mail: t_ogiharamac.com