Kinkasan (Island)

Kinkasan, Ayukawahama, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi prefecture, Japan

This sacred mountain-home to wild Japanese deer and monkeys-is abundant in green, virgin forests and surrounded by the emerald-blue ocean. The Koganeyama shrine is to 600 meters by foot from the port. It was built in old days to honor the God of wealth.

Visit to the nature of Kinkasan    Visit to the Koganeyama shrine

90 minutes by bus from Ishinomaki Station(accessible by both the Senseki and Ishinomaki lines)
50 minutes by car from the Ishinomakikanan Interchange of the Sanriku Expressway

25 minutes by ship from Ayukawa Port

Ishinomaki tourist Association Oshika Office
Telephone Number 0225-45-3456 Facsimile Number 0225-45-3455

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