1.8 times larger power attained by SDV bike than those by conventional ones at low heart rate condition
The pedal driven chain of each drive unit is parallelly arranged at both sides of the bicycle and rotates around a pair of gears positioned one above the other. The rider's energy, wasted in the circular pedal motion in conventional bicycles, is effectively utilized in the SDV.
According to the data obtained at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), 1.8 times larger power is obtained at low heart rate condition and 1.15 times larger at higher heart rate condition. For further details, refer to "Effective Force to Pedals" and "Performance Comparison". For the people who like to have more scientific discussion, go to the menu "Technical".

What SDV makes possible.
1) High speed riding with low energy consumption
Not only amazing speed, but also low energy consumption riding can be achieved on SDV. On both flat and hilly terrain you can experience comfort not possible until now.
2) Long distance riding with less fatigue
Less pedal revolutions are necessary to achieve the same speed as on conventional bicycles. The elliptical motion of the pedals encourages the natural motion of the human body. You will feel much less fatigue after long distance riding. One day you will find you enjoy bicycle touring.
3) Light pedaling load at low speed riding
When riding an SDV, an 80% power increase can be attained over conventional bicycles, which is the same level of energy consumption for a rider on a battery-assisted bicycle popular in Japan among aged people. In particular, uphill riding of SDV is remarkable.
4) Gentle sports riding
In SDV the rider's power is transmitted to the machine effectively, leading to lower heart rate for riders, that is, the load on the lungs and heart of riders is much smaller than that of conventional bicycles. Nearly natural motion of humans' legs enhances the rider's physical strength.
What's SDV?
The SDV is so named by Mr. Oda who developed the SDV, as a challenge and in tribute to the design skills of Leonardo da Vinci. Incidentally a sketch of a machine might have been left by Leonardo da Vinci shown below resembles conventional bicycles.

da Vinci picture