MIDI IN: MIDI NOTE 36-99 is A01-D16 of a pad. (This setup cannot be changed.)
MIDI NOTE 24-35 in case a program is DRUM is converted to NOTE 88-99.
Therefore, when NOTE 24 is received, the sample currently assigned to NOTE 88 (PAD D05) is pronounced.

Note: When DEPTH is OFF, ADS does not work.

DEPTH : +/- 120 = +/- 1200 cent (1 octave) TUNE changes.

A---(Attack) Time until reaching the value of NOTO ON to DPTH is set.

D---(Decay) Time until it reaches a value set by "Sustain" from the value of "DPTH" which reached by "Attack" is set.

S---(Sustain) The end point of Decay is set.