Input Thru

The MPC1000 can mix the incoming signal from RECORD IN or DIGITAL IN with the play back sound from the MPC1000.
You can also route the Input Thru signal to the internal Effects and Filters.

If INPUT THRU is turned ON, two voices will be used for processing. (It is one voice when L or R is select by MODE.)

Please press [SHIFT]+F6 (InTHRU) button or press the [WINDOW] button in the THRU field.

Route field
STRAIGHT: Neither a filter nor an effect is used.
FILTER->MIXER(VIA FILTER & FX): FILTER and an effect are applied to the sound of an input.

In the case of FILTER->MIXER(VIA FILTER & FX) mode, 2 voices are used for processing. (It is 1 voice when L or R is select by INPUT)

1 Level meter of an incoming signal
2 The number of the voices used for processing is displayed.

If the [REC] button is pressed, the sound of MAIN OUT will be recorded.
If [STOP] or the [REC] button is pressed once again, recording will stop. (Even if it changes a screen, recording stops.)
If recording is stopped, the recorded contents will be kept to the memory of MPC by the file name of "Sample**".