Main Grid

1 Marker
2 Event Field
3 Bar Field

If [OVER DUB] is turned ON (the LED is lit) when cursor is in the event field, it will become the edit mode of a grid.

All the pads (A01-D16) of the cursor position are the targets of edit.

Copy of events

Holding F3 (COPY) button, please turn a DATA wheel and select the region which you want to copy.
A copy will be completed if F3 (COPY) button is released.

Paste of events

Please move cursor to the location which you want to paste, and press F4 (PASTE) button.

Erase of events

If a DATA wheel is turned holding F5 (ERASE) button, the event which the marker passed will be erased.

All the events of a track are erased.

If F6 (ALLERASE) button is pressed, the window of "All Events Erase" will open.

If F5 (DO IT) button is pressed, all the events of an active track will be erased.

If cursor is moved to the bar field, edit will be possible by bars. (Except time signature 4/4, it does not work correctly)

Events is erased on real time. (When recording by OVER DUB+PLAY START)

When you erase a specific pad event, please press the pad of the event which you want to erase, pressing the ERASE button.
For example, if PAD A01 is pressed pressing the ERASE button, the event of PAD A01 while pressing will be erased.

If F1 (A BAR) button is pressed, all the events of the bar on marker will be erased.
If F6 (ALL PAD) key is pressed, the pad(A01-D16) events of all the marker location will be erased.

If the [WINDOW] button is pressed when cursor is in a grid, the window of "GRID Options" will open.
Please refer to "movement of a pad event" for F2 (PadMove).
Step sound: If you select ON, the event of a marker position will be sounded when a marker passes.
Auto step increment: If you select YES, after inputting an event by the pad, a vertical marker moves to the right automatically.
Duration: AS PLAYED: The length which is pushing the pad is inputted into the value of duration.
TC VALUE: Regardless of the length which is pushing the pad, a fixed value is inputted according to the value of timing correct.