Convert to pattern

The arbitrary bars of a track can be converted to a pattern, the converted pattern can be assigned to a pad, and it can play back.

A pattern is played back only in the mode about a main screen and record mode and a pattern.
When the pad with which the pattern is assigned is hit in the modes other than the main, the sample assigned by the program is played back.
Timing correct does not work to patterns. (A pattern is not influenced by timing correct)

The conversion method of a pattern

Please go to the screen of [MODE] + PAD11 and press F5(TrToPtrn) button.
The window of "Convert Track to Pattern" opens.

1 The bar of the start converted to a pattern
2 The bar of the end converted to a pattern
3 The number of the bars converted to a pattern, (A maximum of 99 bars)
The number of the bars from a start bar to the bar of an end
4 The name of the converted pattern
5 Registration number of a pattern

Please select a sequence in the sequence field and select a track in the track field.

Please set the bar which you want to convert as a pattern in the START field and the END field.
A setup will be cleared if F2 (CLEAR) button is pressed.
If arbitrary pads are hit, the audition of the pattern of the cursor position can be performed.
If F5 (DO IT) button is pushed by the set of the above figure, the converted pattern will be registered as follows.
The pattern of one bar of a bar 1 is registered into the registration number 005 by the name of "Patrn05."
The pattern of 3 bars from a bar 2 to a bar 4 is registered into the registration number 006 by the name of "Patrn06."
The pattern of 5 bars from a bar 5 to a bar 9 is registered into the registration number 007 by the name of "Patrn07."
A registration number is a registration number of "PATTERN BANK".

If the event of a bar is converted to a pattern, events other than NOTE contained in a bar will also be converted together. (A tempo change is not converted.)Therefore, recording of the pattern with which events other than note are contained will also record events other than note together.

It is inserted in the selected registration number when the already registered registration number is chosen.