Reading of S2000 and S3000 format CD

Reading of CD of S3000 format can be performed. (What can be read is only a sample.)
Refer to video(OS3)
Refer to video(OS128XL)

Since it is that it can load only a sample, a file except a sample is not displayed.
The display of the "Load" field is displayed as "CD-S3000" also with CD of S2000 format.
When files other than a sample are included, the display of a sample name may become amusing.
Even if there is CD for which reading is impossible, since a check is impossible unless it has the same CD, support is impossible.

The audition of a sample can be performed, if the PLAY button or arbitrary pads are hit when cursor is in a sample name.
If the sample of L/R loads the sample of L or R, it will also load the sample of R or L automatically, and will be automatically converted to a stereo sample.
The sample name loaded is used as the sample name. (When L is loaded, the sample name of L is used, and when R is loaded, the sample name of R is used)

If the WINDOW button is pressd when cursor is in the Volume field, the window of "Volume List" will open.

Loading of Volume will make the INST program of a Volume name automatically. (An INST program is made even if it is a sample of a drum.)

The sample of L/R is automatically converted to a stereo sample. (The sample name will be the sample name of L)
The display of the sample name under reading is displayed only the sample name of L.
However, the sample of R is also read.

Depending on the CD, the "Volume List" may not be displayed.