Simul Pattern

Arbitrary patterns can be played back simultaneously with a sequence.

Please move cursor to the Ptrn field and select the pattern which you want to play back simultaneously with a sequence.

The pattern chosen when playback of the sequence was started will also be played back simultaneously.
A pattern is repeatedly played back until a sequence stops.

If the [WINDOW] button is pressed, the window of "Simul Pattern" will open.

The audition of the pattern chosen if arbitrary pads are hit can be performed.

Pgm field
Please set the program which sounds a pattern.

Level field
Please adjust the level of a pattern if needed.

MIDI field
Please set, when you want to carry out the MIDI output of the simul pattern.

A pattern continues sounding, even if F6 (SOLO) button is pressed.
It is played back even if an audio track is during recording.
A loop works as 1- END altogether regardless of a setup.
It does not work in song mode.