Tracks Edit Mode

If F1 (TR EDIT) button is pressed, it will become tracks edit mode.

1 Bar field
2 Mute shows the track which is ON.
3 Track number field

[SHIFT] + cursor button can also move cursor to the sequence field.
[SHIFT] + cursor button can also move cursor to the track number field.

Except time signature 4/4, it does not work correctly

About COPY, PASTE, and ERASE, it is the same as the edit method of a main grid.
A bar will be inserted in the cursor position if F5 (INSERT) button is pressed.
If F6 (DELETE) button is pressed, the bar of the cursor position will be deleted and the following bars will be moved forward.

If cursor is moved to the bar field, all the tracks will become an edit target.

The COPY, PASTE, and ERASE of a track is possible when cursor is in the track number field.

A copy will be performed if F2 (TrCOPY) button is pushed and released.
Paste and elimination will be performed if a button is pressed and released also about F3 (TrPASTE) and F4 (TrERASE).

Paste is pasted from the bar of a marker position.
Execution of F4 (TrERASE) erases all the data (CC, PC, etc.).
The copy or elimination which choose two or more tracks cannot be performed.

If a DATA wheel is turned when cursor is in the track number field, a screen will scroll.

Since an audio track cannot be edited, a waveform is not displayed.
REC and OVER DUB do not work.
Therefore, events cannot be entered.