MPC Controller


MPC1000 & MPC2500 JJOS

Software which operates MPC(MPC1000, MPC2500) with PC. (Free)
When it becomes impossible to use the button and pad of MPC, having broken, MPC can be operated using this software as temporary substitution.
(It can be operated even if it uses a MIDI controller instead of this software.)
Using this software, JJOS is required.(It corresponds to OS2XL, OS-XL, OS3, and OS128XL.)
Only Windows version (7/8/8.1/10)
Screen resolution: Or more 910x550 necessity 43KB Download

Refer to video.
1. Please unzip downloaded ""

2. Please copy the "MPC1 K_SETUPS.SYS" (MPC2500 is MPC25 K_SETUPS.SYS) file included in the holder of OS currently used now to CF card.

3. Please connect PC and MPC by a USB MIDI interface. (When you use a MIDI controller, please connect MIDI controller to MPC.)

4. Please read MPC1 K_SETUPS.SYS (MPC2500 is MPC25 K_SETUPS.SYS) on the load screen of MPC. (It cannot read, if a file name is changed)

5. Please double-click and start unziped mpc-ctl.exe.

6. MPC can be operated if the button of a picture is clicked.

Numeric buttons, +, -, and the ENTER key work only MPC1000. (It does not work in OS-XL)
Numeric buttons, +, -, and the ENTER key work only MPC2500. (in the case of OS3 and OS128XL)
MIDI button does not work. (Since a problem arises, it has not set)
LOOPER button does not work in OS3 and OS128XL.
The SAVE button does not work in MPC into which the password is not entered.

The note and CC which are assigned to the button are as follows.

The wheel of a mouse supports the DATA wheel

Wheel of a mouse NOTE 114
NOTE 115