Explanation of Version 3.13

Basic specification is the same as AKAI OS.
[STOP] + DATA WHEEL ==> LCD contrast.

1. [MODE] +PAD11 (GLOBAL PROGRAM EDIT) is added.

2. Tracks 61-64 were made into the audio track.

3. [MODE]+PAD10(OTHER) =>F3[FOOTSW] => ERASE is added.

4. Q-Link is added to the window of Timing Correct.

5. A "Step sound play" function is added to GRID.

6. Customizable Click/Metronome Sounds

7. Q-Link is added to the window of Tempo Change.

8. [MODE]+PAD1(SLIDER) =>TRACK (All Pad) is added to Assign Pad.

9. The following function is added to TRIM.

Expansion of level
Even if a stereo sample slices, it is a stereo. (PATCHED PHRASE is mono)

A following screen or a following user interface is changed.


The function which is in AKAI OS and is not in JJ OS.

The save and loading to an internal-organs memory of sequence data.

Direct recording.
Continuous track.

Auto phrase loop.