Installation of JJ OS-XL is installable only from free version Ver.3.13.
When you return to OS of AKAI, please install OS from the load mode of OS-XL.

The screen of a save is not displayed if the password of JJ OS-XL is not entered.
Even if a function except a save does not enter a password, it can be used altogether.
The password price of JJ OS-XL is US$123.00.

Since OS-XL works by track, other tracks are not influenced even if it is using the same program.
A note variation does not work except the screen of MAIN, SLIDER, TRACK MUTE, and NEXT SEQ.
NOTE REPEAT does not work to MIDI keyboard.
The data of 16 LEVELS of AKAI OS is not reflected.

Please be sure to carry out contrast adjustment of LCD, and sensitivity adjustment of PAD first.

A following screen or a following user interface is changed.


The function which is in AKAI OS and is not in JJ OS-XL

Cannot do the save/load to an internal memory

There is not [MODE]+PAD7.

Direct recording
Continuous track.

Auto phrase loop.

Sample layer 4
AMP Velocity =>Attack
AMP Velocity =>START
PITCH Velocity =>Pitch
Filter Time
Filter Amount
Filter Velocity =>Time
Filter Velocity =>Amount
Filter Velocity =>Frequncy

The following feature is added to JJ OS-XL.

1. Number of programs 129.

2. Change of the screen of [MODE]+PAD11 (GLOBAL PROGRAM EDIT), and the addition of a parameter

3. GRID mode of ALL PAD

4. T.C. is added to GRID.

5. Addition of Simult PAD


7. Start point and End point of SAMPLE are added to the parameter of Q-LINK.

8. MIDI is added to GRID.

9. The length of "Duration" is changed possible to "TC VALUEX200%".

10. F4 [toPAD] is added to the "Keep or Retry" window of RECORD

11. Splash Screen addition

12. An audio track can be used up to 32 tracks.

13. Simult Sequence is added.

14. The number of notes of a sequence is changed into 300,000 notes.

15. VELOCITY is added to the parameter of Q-Link.

16. MIDI CONTROL CHANGE is added to Q-Link.

17. AUDIO is added to GRID.

18. Voice Monitor is added to OTHER mode.

19. "Insert silence" was added to EDIT of TRIM.

20. "BIT CONVERT" was added to EDIT of TRIM.

21. "RING MODULATION" was added to EDIT of TRIM.

22. Selection of OUT is added to the window of "Click/Metronome".

23. Alternate loop addition to TRIM.

24. Selection in play mode is added to [NEXT SQ].

25. The motor of HDD is stopped except LOAD and SAVE mode.


27. The display of SWING (SWNG) and SHIFT (SHFT) is added to GRID (DRUM).

28. MASTER TEMPO is added.

29. F2 (ALL Tr) is added to the window of the "Timing Correct" window F5 (FIX).

30. Non-Destructive Chop is added to TRIM.

31. A sample list is always sorted and is displayed. Moreover, deletion of two or more samples can be performed

32. Combine addition to TRIM.

33. Fade-in/out addition to TRIM.

34. Program PAD mode addition to TRIM.

35. Pad Locate addition to Audio Track.

36. Song to Sample is added to SONG.

37. Grid addition to a MAIN screen.

38. The TRACK MUTEM mode can perform change of an active track.

39. CHOP is added to the parameter of Q-Link.

40. MIDI IN (MIDI CC Number02 or 74 => Filter Cutoff)

41. MIDI IN (MIDI CC Number71  => Filter resonance)

42. ADSR (AMP/FILTER/PITCH) addition

43. Pad Aftertouch addition

44. Sample Layer Crossfade addition

45. Portamento addition

46. Track Mixer addition

47. INST program addition

48. Pattern addition

49. In TRIM mode, if PAD9-PAD12 are struck, a sample will be reproduced by ONE SHOT.

50. "Strength" is added to a "Timing Correct" window.

51. Wait for key addition

52. CHORD functional addition

53. "New Program name" and "New Folder name" are memorized.

54. Rearrangement of a sequence can be performed.

55. A setup of Q-Link can be performed on a main screen.

56. Customize of the MAIN key and a NUMERIC key

57. Bars loop

58. ALL PAD and A BAR are added to ERASE in real time.

59. Every mode can perform change of a track in a [MODE]+DATA wheel.

60. Level addition to NORMALIZE in TRIM

61. Arpeggiator addition

62. The ZERO CROSS key is added to the "Joint" window of TRIM.

63. Addition of a "Pad event move to other track" window

64. Cross fade loop addition to TRIM

65. LEVEL MUTE addition to TRACK MUTE

66. It is a MIX addition to EDIT of TRIM. (Two samples are mixed)

67. Two or more sample assignment (Audio Track)

68. Change of a sequence can be performed by a [NEXT SEQ]+DATA wheel.


70. Reverse playback of a sample is possible.

71. Play marker was added to TRIM.

72. It is a [HOLD] button addition to STEP EDIT.

73. Hold of a note repeat pad

74. Loop hold playback of a sample

75. LFO addition to Q-llink.

76. Pad to MIDI out CC/PC

77. Pad Mute

78. Program is switched by hitting the pads.

79. Pitch bend and the modulation wheel of a MIDI controller are effective against the sample of MPC.

80. The value and mixer of a parameter of FX2 are controllable by a MIDI controller.

81. MIDI IN Monitor

82. Non overlap mode of the program for a musical instrument

83. CLOCK and MTC can be selected with SYNC OUT at the same time

84. Stereo sample is switched to mono (Program mode)

85. Multi timbre

86. Value of FULL LEVEL can be adjusted.

87. Pitch Bend Sensitivity

88. "TRACK+", "TRACK-", "SEQUENCE+", and "SEQUENCE-" were added to the foot switch.

89. It is a PACK button addition to a program mode. (A program and samples will be packed and it will become one file)

90. The mode holding the length of a loop was added to the trim.

91. A function is assigned to MIDI NOTE (MPC is operated by a MIDI controller)

92. Looping recorder mode addition

93. It is F5 (DELETE) button addition to LOAD mode.

94. The maximum of duration was increased from 9999 to 65000. (170 bars 4/4)

95. Loop button addition. (MAIN)

96. The edit-function button was added to the [SHIFT]+ function keys. (TRIM)

97. PATTERN addition (Registration of a pattern, creation of a pattern track, NEXT PATTERN)

98. It is F1 (ALLERASE) button addition to a main grid.

99. Pad status display mode addition

100. They are "MOVE" and a "CUT" button addition to a grid.

101. "REC+STOP", and "DUB+STOP" were added to the foot switch.

102. 5 tracks display mode addition

103. CYCLE addition

104. Track Mute Groups addition