A password is given to a product and not given to a user.
Therefore, when you have two sets of MPC, the password for two sets is required.
Moreover, when you get new MPC or MPC is exchanged by repair etc., it is necessary to purchase a new password.

We are sorry, but we can not issue invoices and receipts.

The purchase procedure of a password

1. Please write and send the name of product ID of OS-XL, PayPal Account e-mail address, and Your name to the following addressing to an e-mail address.

Product ID is displayed on the save screen of OS-XL.
Please send to the following address.
Please send the subject name of e-mail by "Password purchase of OS-XL."

When e-mail does not arrive, spam or a junk mail holder may be reached.
Please check spam and a junk mail holder.

The example of how to write e-mail
John Smith
PayPal Account:

2. The payment link of a PayPal is sent to you after receiving e-mail. (E-mail is sent between 8:00 to 18:00 JST.)

3. Please access the site specified in e-mail and pay $123.00.

4. A password is sent within 15 hours after $123.00 is paid.

Usually, a password is sent between 8:00 to 18:00 of Japan Standard Time. (Japan-Tokyo Standard Time.)

A password is not lost even if it rewrites OS.

MPC has memorized the entered password.
It is not lost even if it rewrites OS.
For example, it is not lost even if it returns to OS of AKAI.

OS-XL ==> AKAI OS =>JJOS Ver.3.13 =>OS-XL (A password is not lost.)
OS-XL Ver.3.xx ==>OS-XL Ver.3.xx (A password is unnecessary.)
OS-XL =>OS3 (A password is unnecessary.)