Installation of OS2XL can be performed from the load mode of Free version Ver.3.16.
From OS of AKAI, it is not installable.
When installed from Free version, please switch on a power supply, holding the [TAP TEMPO] button.
If a power supply is switch on holding the [TAP TEMPO] button once again, Free version will start.
When dark in a screen, please adjust the contrast of LCD by a [STOP]+DATA wheel.

A password is not lost even if it installs other OS's.

The screen of a save is not displayed if the password of OS2XL is not entered.
Even if a function except a save does not enter a password, it can be used altogether.
The price of a password is US$ 123.00.

Since OS2XL works by track, other tracks are not influenced even if it is using the same program.

A note variation does not work except the screen of MAIN, SLIDER, TRACK MUTE, and NEXT SEQ.
NOTE REPEAT does not work to MIDI keyboard.
The data of 16 LEVELS of AKAI OS is not reflected.

Please be sure to carry out contrast adjustment of LCD, and sensitivity adjustment of PAD first.

Comparison with AKAI OS