The value of the parameter of an effect is controllable by a MIDI controller

The parameter of FX2 is controllable by a MIDI controller. (Parameter of FX1 is not controllable)
(OS128SP does not have this function.)

If the value of Time of DELAY is changed during a play, a noise will occur.
This is a limit of CPU which is not a bug.

The method of a setup.


Please press the [WINDOW] button in the FX2 field of a program screen.

Selection of the type of an effect will display the MIDI-CC field.

If the MIDI-CC field is turned ON, "CC" will be displayed on F6.

If F1 (CC) button is pressed, the assignment screen of MIDI CC will be displayed.

If the knob and slider of a MIDI controller to assign are moved, the received control change number will be automatically set to the parameter of the cursor position.

A setup of assigned MIDI CC is memorized by the system by pressing the MAIN button.

The set of MIDI CC can be performed even from the mode of [MODE]+PAD12 (EFFECT).

Please set FX column of pads or tracks to FX2.

Priority is given to left-hand side and the upper parameter when the same control change number is set as two or more parameters.

For example, as shown in the above figure, when it is set, it is effective only against Rate.