Edit of a pattern. (OS128SP does not have this function.)

If F2 (PtrnEDIT) button is pressed, the edit window of a pattern will open.

Setting Velocity

A velocity can be set in seven steps.
The value of the velocity in each step is as follows.

Setting Shift Timing

Setting Duration

Duration can be set to 0 to 990%. (10% step)

If a pad is hit or the [PLAY] button is pressed, loop plays of the pattern chosen now will be carried out.
Please hit other pads, or move cursor to the sample field and select a sample to change the audition sound of a pattern.

Please set up a parameter an edit of a pattern or make a new pattern.

Edit of a pattern name

The name of a pattern can be edited in the window of "Pattern list".

Please move cursor to the pattern name field and press the [WINDOW] button.

If cursor is moved to a pattern name and a DATA wheel is turned, it will become the edit mode of a name.

Saving patterns

If F1 (SAVE) button is pressed, edit or the made pattern is saved to the flash memory of MPC.

If change is added to a pattern, an asterisk will be displayed on F1 (SAVE).
If F1 (SAVE) button is pressed, an asterisk will disappear.

Note: Since the set of sound is only used for an audition, the set of sound is not saved.

When you save a pattern to CF card or HDD, please carry out from save mode.

Please select "LINE PATTERNS" in save mode and press F6 (DO IT) button.

If F5 (DO IT) button is pressed, it is saved by the file name currently displayed.

Extension "LPT" is a file of line patterns.