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  SW LANGUAGE CENTER was set up in 2005, as a practical place for both glearningh and gteachingh  language. We aim to follow the theory of the Silent Way which was proposed by Dr. Caleb Gattegno   (1911-1988) and use the Silent Way in language education.

  Our main activities are:
      1. to offer language courses in Japanese and English, and occasionally other languages
      2. to research Dr.Caleb Gattegno's works
      3. to develop effective learning materials
      4. to organize study groups to discuss thegtheory and practice in the Silent Wayh
      5. to offer workshops focusing on the Gattegno Approach

  Two quotes from Dr. Caleb Gattegno are as follows:

"Only awareness is educable in man" ("The Science of Education",1986)

"The Subordination of Teaching to Learning is the only way handling of the challenge of freeing students while ensuring that they learn by an economic exchange of their time for a maximum learning."
 ("The Common Sense of Teaching Foreign Language",1976)

  We search for the true meaning of the above ideas through the process of language learning, and  we strive to correlate the theory of glearningh with gteachingh in order to enhance the quality of  the learning experience.