When you change OS, please switch on a power supply, pressing the ERASE button first.
Please press the ERASE button until a main screen is displayed.
Unless it performs this operation, MPC does not operate correctly.
Or may freeze or it may crash.

OS3 is installable only from the screen of load of OS-XL.
(Please refer to video.)

Please refer to the
comparison chart of OS for a function.

It is compatible with OS128XL.
It is not compatible with other OS's.

The following data is not reflected although OS-XL is compatible.
The data of Q-link is not reflected.
A setup of not Non-Destructive Chop is not reflected.
A setup of mute of a program is not reflected.
Since specifications differ, a setup of a cycle is not reflected.
Other tracks are influenced when the same program is used. (It is the same specification as OS's other than OS-XL)
Since the value of a parameter is not correctly reflected when the program made from OS3 is loaded by OS-XL, it may not sound to the right sound.
Therefore, if you want to use a program created in OS3 with OS-XL, you need to correct the parameter values correctly.

The feature which is in ver.1.52 and is not in ver.2.xx.
Pressure setting in Main screen
Pads status display mode

The feature changed or added from Ver.2.00
1. Addition of a simul sequence. (Refer to manual.)

2. Pattern creation mode is added to [MODE]+PAD11. (Refer to video OS3)

3. Non-Destructive Chop was added. (A setup of chop of OS-XL is also reflected) (Refer to video OS3.)

4. A setup of a chord can be saved as a file. (Contents memorized to the flash memory can be made a file, and can be saved.) (Refer to video.)

5. "PgmMode" of trim is now possible with INST program as well. (Refer to video.)

6. Swing field is added to GRID. (It is not effective against the recorded event. Same as OS-XL)

7. [808] button are added to GRID. (Refer to video.)

8. F1 button of the main screen and grid was changed into "LOOP". (Refer to video.)

9. A slider can be used on the screen of a trim and a mixer.

10. F1 of the audio track was made into "CUE", F2 was made into "SetBars", and the feature assigned to the pad was changed. (Refer to video OS3)

11. Specification of loop edit of a grid was changed.

12. The feature in pad mode moved to the "Pad to MIDI out" window. (Refer to manual.)

13. Changed the maximum value of Hold of AMP to 200. (1-100 1=10msec 101-200 1=1bar) (Refer to video.)

14. Changed the maximum value of Attack of PITCH to 135. (Refer to video.)

15. MIDI-CC button was added to the mixer of a track and a pad.(Refer to video.)

16. Display of a splash screen is added to a test mode. (Refer to video OS3)

17. X-FADE addition to Q-link. Refer to video

18. A real-time chops Refer to video Refer to video

19. EXCLUSIVE SOLO-2 was added to the "Mute Group mode" field. Refer to video

20. Reading of S3000 format CD is possible. Refer to video

21. Add Note On Indicator. (Track Mute)

When a pattern file is loaded by Ver.2.xx, it is converted as a sequence. (Refer to video.)
The list of pattern names converted when the track 2 was chosen by step editing can be seen.