Entering an event

When you perform the record and edit of an event, please turn on LED of [OVER DUB].

If Q1 [AFTER] button is ON (the LED is lit), Duration can be set with a Q1 slider.
If Q2 [AFTER] button is ON (the LED is lit), Velocity can be set with a Q2 slider.
If a pad is hit or the keyboard is played, the note event of the value set by Q1 and Q2 will be inputted into the position of a marker.

When [AFTER] of Q1 and Q2 is turned OFF(the LED is turned off), and a pad is hit or the keyboard is played, a note event is inputted as AS PLAYED.

When an event is chosen, the information on an event is displayed on the bar field. (The event information on a crossing marker is displayed.)
When two or more events are in the same position, a note marker can be moved by or cursor button.
The value of a parameter can be edited by pressing F5 (EDIT) button.
If F5 (EDIT) button is pressed, cursor will move to a parameter.

The audition of the event edited by pressing F6 (PLAY) button is possible.
When you return cursor to the event field, please press F5 (EDIT) button or the cursor button.

Note: If the value of a parameter is changed pressing F5 (EDIT) button, cursor will also return to the event field at the same time it released F5 (EDIT) button.

If the [WINDOW] button is pressed when cursor is in the event field, the window of "GRID Options" will open.

Step sound: If you select ON, the event of a marker position will be sounded when a location marker passes.
Auto step increment: If you select YES, after inputting an event by the pad or a keyboard, a location marker moves to the right automatically.
Duration: AS PLAYED: The length which is pushing the pad and the keyboard is inputted into the value of duration.
Q1 VALUE: Regardless of the time which is pushing the pad or the keyboard, a fixed value is inputted according to the value of Q1.

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