If MIDI is chosen in the type field, it will become the grid mode of MIDI.

When you move cursor to the type field, please press the cursor button.
Cursor returns to the event field by cursor button.
Movement of a bar can be performed by the < BAR > button.
It can move quickly by a < BAR > + DATA wheel.
A marker is moved to the event of the next or back by a [SHIFT] + < BAR > button.
Regardless of the value of timing correct, a marker 1 tick moves by a [SHIFT] + DATA wheel.
Change of a track can be performed in a [MODE] + DATA wheel.

The move interval of the vertical marker in a standard display (2 bar displays)
Usually, if a DATA wheel is turned, regardless of the value of timing correct, it will move at intervals of 4 ticks.
If a DATA wheel is turned pressing the [NOTE REPEAT] button, it will move at the following intervals with the value of timing correct.
1/8 = 48ticks
1/8-3 = 32ticks
1/16 = 24ticks
1/16-3 = 16ticks
1/32 = 12ticks
1/32-3 = 8ticks
OFF = 1tick

cursor button can go up and down the display range of NOTE.

If [SHIFT]+F2 (ALL) button is pressed, all the notes will be displayed.

It is [SHIFT] + F5 (ZOOMOUT) button and is zoom out.

It is [SHIFT] + F6 (ZOOM IN) button and is zoom-in.


Copying an event

Please select the region to copy by a DATA wheel, pressing F2 (COPY) button.

When F4 (CUT) button is pressed in this state, the event of a selection region is cut.
When F2 (COPY) button is released, the event of a selection region is copied.

Movement of an event

When F3 (MOVE) button is pressed in this state, the window of MOVE opens.

The event selected is +/-1-99 ticks movable.
Please set the value which turns a DATA wheel and moves.

If a value is set, please press F5 (DO IT) button.

Pasting an event

Please move a marker to the location which you want to paste, and press F3 (PASTE) button.

Deleting an event

Please hold F4 (DELETE) button, turn a DATA wheel and select the region which you want to delete.

The event of the region selected when F4 (DELETE) button was released is deleted.

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