Non-Destructive Chops

A start/end point of 32(Chop1-Chop32) can be set to one sample.

All samples are plays by ONE SHOT.
Please press the [STOP] button, if you want to stop sound immediately.
The portion which will blink if [SHIFT] + PAD is pressed is played. (from end point -200mSEC up to an end point)



In TRIM mode, cursor is move to the Chop field, a DATA wheel is turned, and it is made Chop:ON. (Non-Destructive Chops mode.)

If it turns ON, a sample will be divided into 32 as a default value, and it will assign to Chop1-Chop32.
When you want to change a start/end point of each chop, please choose a chop number, move cursor to St or the End field,
and turn and adjust a DATA wheel.
If Q1 and Q2 [AFTER] key is ON (the LED is lit), a start point can adjust an end point by Q2 slider with Q1 slider.
Selection of a chop number, move cursor to the chop number field, and please turn a DATA wheel.

Moreover, since A01-B16 of pads correspond to Chop1-Chop32, a chop number can be chosen even if it hit a pad.
For example, Chop6 will be chosen if A06 of a pad is hit.

Note: When cursor is in the chop number field, a chop number is not chosen even if it hit pads.

It will become reverse playback if F4(REVERS) button is pressed.

A [SHIFT]+ function key can use an edit function. (It performs to the region of the chop chosen)
When it performs by selecting the edit function which is not in a button, it does not work normally.

For example, only the region of a chop is not set to MONO even if it chooses and performs the function of "STEREO=>MONO".


Stereo samples on the screen of SLICE will view the waveform of the left channel.

If F5 (SLICE) button is pressed, it will change to the screen in SLICE mode.

Please turn a DATA wheel and divide a sample into arbitrary numbers (2-32).

The sample sliced when F6 (DO IT) button was pressed is assigned to Chop.


If F4 (AUTO) button is pressed, the window of "Auto Slice" will open.
Note: The long sample for 20 seconds or more cannot AUTO.

If AUTO is used, search of an attack will be performed automatically and it will be divided on the basis of the attack portion.
Recovery time(10 - 100): This sets the minimum time between the attack and the next attack. (The attack within a time is ignore.)
Threshold(0 - 100): This sets the detectable level of an attack.
If a setup finishes, please press the F5(DO IT) button.

The sample sliced when F6 (DO IT) button was pressed is assigned to Chop.

A setup of Chop is saved if saved with Chop ON.

A setup of Chop is not saved when saved by Chop OFF.

Please refer to
TRIM for F6 (EDIT).


If F6 (NEW PGM) button is pressed, the window of "Create new program" will open.

If F5 (DO IT) button is pressed, a new program will be created and Chop1-32 will be assigned to pad A01-B16.

Assigning Chops to the pads.

Program mode

Please choose a chop number in a CHOP column.
Refer to video.

The CHOP column of a "LAYER" window can also be chosen.